SAG Actress, Writer, Director

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Recent work

National Facebook Ad – My face in Time Square.

Snapchat Tv Brother HQ Video – Lead

To Catch a Cheater – Episode – Lead

The Uber – Short Film – Lead

Who am I – Feature Film – Lead



The legend was one of me and my dads favorite movies  growing up. To help bring real fantasy back would be amazing. Im currently working on a feature length screenplay and concept trailer based in a similar fantasy world. I would love to work with others and on similar projects.

A Cowards Diary

Did I mention how much I love romantic comedies ! This story and style of film is something I personally enjoy. I watch ALOT of K Dramas and I’m always sharing them with a fellow human when I feel like they need a pick me up! I think romantic comedies are something we need more..

Tank Girl

I grew up on movies like Tank Girl, Captain Hook, Army Of Darkness, Kull The Conqueror you get the point ! I think it would be SO fun and fulfilling to work on similar movies or even reboots.


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